Moongazing Hares Scented Candle Tins

15.00 CAD

Our candles are hand-poured by artisan candle-makers using traditional methods and using sustainable, recyclable materials. We make our candles using only 100% natural essential oils, a top quality vegetable wax blend and cotton wicks for a slow clean burn. Burn time approximately 18 hours.

Patchouli & Ylang Ylang

Sensuous, soothing and refreshing, this slightly fruity fragrance is a deep, spicy and floral blend of Ylang Ylang, rich frankincense and woody and soothing patchouli to help you feel calm and relaxed.

White Tea & Pear

A sweet and juicy natural english pear fragrance with notes of other fruits, green leaf and soft musks. A fresh and vibrant floral white tea accord with notes of soft cool stems, bergamot, sweet rose, lily, dry leaf tea and a base of amber.

Lavender, Vanilla & Musk

The relaxing properties of lavender oil blend beautifully with the sweetness of vanilla and the depth of musk to create a truly warming and dreamy fragrance.

Oud & Jasmine

Drift into a sensual and deep state of mind with the alluring fragrance of Oud & Jasmine. Rich with the Arabian scent of Oud and blended with Jasmine and Rose, this fragrance is truly indulgent and very desirable.

Rock Rose & Pink Pepper

The refreshing properties of pink pepper oil blend beautifully with the soothing base notes of rose oil to create a truly rich floral fragrance transporting you to a lovely English rose garden.

Dark Amber & Sandalwood

The relaxing properties of Sandalwood oil and the musky tones of amber create a deep and rich fragrance which lingers divinely.