Luxury Room Diffuser in a Special Occasion Gift Box

32.00 CAD

Presented beautifully in a gorgeous pale grey keepsake presentation gift box stylishly adorned with a pair of adorable Moon Gazing Hares etched in distinctive white foil on the box lid. Fill your home with our amazing fragrances instantly, with this lovely room diffuser in a presentation gift box. Our luxury 100% natural scented room diffuser in a keepsake presentation box will simply delight your loved ones and friends and will show them just how much they mean to you! Available for Spring/Summer in a curated selection of our mood-boosting fragrances. If buying as a gift, you can add your personal gift message which we will print on a gift card and include with your order.

Our room diffusers are hand-poured by artisans using only top quality essential oils and natural base oils. Our 100ml room diffuser will last for up to two months. Please use Cotswold Candle Hut replacement reeds and refill bottles of essential oil to give longevity to your diffuser. Made in England.

All packaging is made in the UK. All product components are recyclable.

100g/3.5 fl. OZ e

Choose from:

Rock Rose & Pink Pepper

The refreshing properties of pink pepper oil blend beautifully with the soothing base notes of rose oil to create a truly rich, floral fragrance transporting you to a lovely English rose garden

Lavender, Vanilla & Musk

The relaxing properties of lavender oil blend beautifully with the sweetness of vanilla and the depth of musk to create a truly warming and dreamy fragrance.

White Tea & English Pear

A sweet and natural juicy English pear fragrance with notes of other fruits, green leaf and soft musks.