Lavender, Vanilla & Musk Refill Bottle

20.00 CAD

What happens when your favourite diffuser fragrance runs out? We’ve thought of that and ensured they are refillable. Extend the life of your Room Diffuser with fragrance refills and reed replacements. To ensure the high standards of the fragrance are continued, we recommend you only top up using the same fragrance.

Slide into a dreamlike mood with the comforting fragrance of Lavender, Vanilla & Musk. The calming effects of Vanilla Musk blended with the relaxing properties of Lavender are a perfect aid for you to unwind after a busy day.  To create that ‘look-after’ state of mind, simply relax and let the Dream fragrance caress your cares away
Scent Notes

The relaxing properties of lavender oil blend beautifully with the sweetness of vanilla and the depth of musk to create a truly warming and dreamy fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamot

Uplifting, spicy and sweet with floral overtones. This oil blends beautifully with lavender to create an initial burst of sweetness.

Middle Notes: Lavender

A beautiful, herbaceous oil with fresh, floral and sweet notes. Blended with sandalwood to create a rich and dreamy fragrance

Base Notes: Sandalwood

A deep, sultry and relaxing fragrance with earthy undertones – provides a beautiful, base aroma which lingers divinely.

Size: 200mls