Amber Scented Pillar Candle

12.50 CAD

Inspired by the magical beauty of England’s wild spaces our Oak scented pillar candle is a soft and warming fragrance with sweet notes of vanilla, almond and musk effortlessly combined with delicate orange blossom, rose, and floral peony.  “From ancient hill and wild moor, the tales of folk doth spill. A lark, a leaf, a fragrant lore a sense where time stood still. 

Shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2021, this beautiful pillar candle is hand-poured and hand finished ensuring the highest quality. Perfectly paired with our range of candle plates and accessories for an elegant display. For best results burn candle 3-4 hours at a time, never move whilst lit or until wax hardens. Keep wick trimmed to approx 10mm and remove wick trimmings, match stubs and any other foreign objects.

Burn time up to 68 hours. Size 3 inches x 4 inches. 1 per pack.